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Categories of Technology Available:

• Minimally invasive surgery
• Drug therapy for prostate disease
• Laser surgery
• Microscopic surgery
• Prostate and bladder surgery
• Flexible cystoscopy
• Laparoscopic/robotic surgery
• Office vasectomy
• Minimally invasive surgery for incontinence
• Neuromodulation for bladder control

Problems Diagnosed and Treated:

• Growths of the urinary tract
• Difficulty with bladder control/incontinence
• Female pelvic organ prolapse
• Blood in urine
• Prostate disease
• Kidney stones
• Infections of the urinary tract
• Infertility
• Sexual dysfunction

Innovative (Robotic) State-of-the-Art Treatment for Prostate Cancer >>>

Center for Continence Care and Pelvic Medicine >>>

Center for Men's Health: Male Reproduction and Sexual Health >>>

Specialized Office Services:

Urodynamic Lab
Urodynamic Study: A diagnostic procedure used in the evaluation of urinary incontinence, retention and neurologic disorders.

Ultrasound Lab
Ultrasound: An imaging tool used to assist in precise biopsies of the prostate as well as evaluation of the urinary tract.

CT/X-Ray Imaging Center (Accredited – American College of Radiology for Computed Tomography Services). Computed Tomography (CT): Combines the use of x-rays with the latest computer technology. This type of diagnostic imaging is used when there is a need to evaluate soft tissue, such as internal organs.


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